2023/24 Education Toolkit

Following the release of the revised Joint Patient Impact Statement in May 2023, the coalition has been working on a toolkit comprised of several educational materials targeting HCPs and patients.

2024 Patient Booklet “Navigating a post-pandemic world: A guide for immunocompromised blood cancer patients”

The ICBCC COVID-19 Patient Booklet launched in early 2024 is aimed at immunocompromised blood cancer patients that live with a weakened immune system due to their illness or the treatment they receive and often suffer from frequent or severe infections.

The objective of this booklet is to help these patients live a better quality of life and empower them when making decisions. Ultimately, the booklet shall help immunocompromised blood cancer patients navigate and manage the risks arising from the combination of a compromised immune system and possible COVID-19 infection.

The recommendations herein may also be applicable to other types of infection.

We now count on your help to disseminate the patient booklet and making sure as many immunocompromised blood cancer patients as possible benefit from this guide.

The guide is currently available in English, Spanish,German, FrenchArabic and Simplified Chinese. We are in the process of translating the booklet into Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, Russian and Croatian.

As part of ICBCC 2023/24 toolkit comprised of different educational materials, we are continuing to develop the GP information booklet to follow.

Thank you for sharing the booklet widely!


Patient Booklet


Printable Booklet

2024 Patient Booklet Translations




Spanish Flipbook

French Flipbook

Chinese Flipbook




German Flipbook

Arabic Flipbook

Croatian Flipbook

In the next couple of months we will follow up with progress on the second GP booklet.


2023 Campaign HCP Poster & Flyer

The following materials for HCPs were developed just in time for the congress of the European Hematology Association EHA 2023.

HCP Flyer 2023


HCP Poster (16:9) 2023